The Open Talon

         In the early morning hours before dawn, you'll find
Clint Thorn tending to his  dairy cattle on his farm in
Goshen, Connecticut.  Growing up on the farm, the natural
world surrounding him, had a great influence and lasting
impression on his mind. The curve of a Wren's tail, the
sweep of a Red Tailed Hawk in the sky, the majestic Oak
tree in the corner of the field and the fluid curve of a wild
stream all left there permanent mark.

For this self taught woodworker and sculptor, this is how
the day begins before he heads to his quiet workshop where
he creates exquisite one of a kind artisanal furniture and
sculptures.  His work reflects a deep understanding of the
aesthetics of elegance with its graceful, curvilinear, classical
lines. His signature hand carved Open Talon Ball & Claw feet
are highly prized by collectors. His uncompromising truth to
detail, his integrity to balanced design and his reverence of
the beauty in natures glorious woods, just might leave a
lasting impression in one's eye.

His motto always being...
"One of a kind, one at a time. The standard is
excellence, the goal is perfection.
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~  Clint Thorn   ~