Available Pieces
Reproduction Newport Slipper Foot Tea Table with Pad Foot Stool

Original made by John Townsend of Newport Rhode Island in 1760. A true American Classic.
This is one of my all time favorite Tea Tables. This Solid South American Mahogany Tea Table
has elegant cabriole legs ending in graceful Slipper Feet. It's been a center piece for living
rooms, endstands and bedside tables and the little stool looks fabulous anywhere. Also available
with Candle Slides and Imported English Brass Pulls.
Open Talon Ball & Claw Tea Table
A highly figured Rosewood top adorns this tea table. The apron and carved cabriole legs
ending in Clint's signature ball & claw feet are of American Black Walnut. It's new home is
in Dallas, TX.

The Open Talon
~  Clint Thorn   ~
The Filly Foot SideTable

Completely charming, adorable
and surprising in every way, this
original Filly Foot side table will
surely please. If you are looking
for something elegant, simple
and unique this is the piece for

Featuring Clint's signature
cabriole legs and hand carved
Filly Feet.

And this equine doesn't require
a lot of feed.

South American Mahogany and
figured Bubinga

A true one of a kind.

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Serpentine Bureau featuring a
hand carved Serpent with
Diamond Eyes

Yes, those are real diamonds in the eyes.
Wow, what a piece. Simply stunning in
every detail. Completely sculpted by Clint's
hands in the serpentine shape in both the
horizontal and vertical planes. This one of a
kind piece is a dazzling display of  superior
craftsmanship and design. It incorporates a
true understanding of form, proportions,
the line of beauty, history and utilitarian

Throughout history serpents were
represented as potent guardians of temples
and sacred spaces. This is understood by
the observation that when threatened, some
snakes ( such as rattlesnakes or cobras)
frequently hold and defend their ground,
first resorting to a threatening display and
then fighting, rather than retreating. Thus,
they are natural guardians of treasures.  

Only the best Figured South American
Mahogany, White Carrara Marble and
Imported English Brasses

One of a kind piece

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Child's Corner Chair

Limited Edition of Four

The first ever Child's Corner Chair with
Open Talon Ball and Claw Feet

Two have Sold