Open Talon Ball & Claw Vanity-

Made for a lady from the beautiful and historic Brandywine River area of
Pennsylvania, this piece pushed all the limits of fine craftsmanship, design and
Serpentine in both the horizontal and vertical planes the case is made of Solid
South American Mahogany. The rare Figured Black Walnut top is
one solid
board. Under the swinging mirrors there are individual jewelry drawers with
imported English brass pulls. On the backs of the side mirrors are panels
matching figured black walnut. At the top of the mirror are two hand carved
rosettes and finally there is a matching stool that also features four cabriole legs
ending in open talon ball & claw feet.
The Open Talon
Copyright © 2006 Clint Thorn. All rights reserved.
Workshop and Wood -Loft

  Newsletter for April- May 2009

    Hello Everyone!

        Happy Spring! It's great to see the green grass here in
    New England and to see the promise of a bountiful crop of
    bright daffodils in the garden!

        Clint has been busy in the workshop and I wanted to
    share a few pictures of his latests projects with you.

         All are examples of the collaboration that exists
    between Clint and his clients. The relationship between
    them is of the utmost importance. His goal is to always
    combine their desires, dreams and goals with the most
    beautiful woods that only nature can produce coupled with
    his handwork to produce a piece that will be apart of their
    lives forever. Something that is truly special and unique to

        Best Regards,
Carving the rosettes for the
top of the mirror.

Why is Clint's work considered to be the
 It's in the Art of the details.
A personal touch...
Figured Mahogany Dining Table with Ballerina Style Legs -
This deep rich solid Figured Mahogany top is paired with the  Ballerina style
leg to integrate grace, beauty and simplicity of design. For those times when
there are extra guests, there are two 14" extension leaves that can be added on
to each end. Also, there are two drawers one on each end. One is on his end
where the carving knife and fork are readily available to carve the
Thanksgiving Turkey and finally not forgetting about "man's best friend" the
other drawer is for dog treats, so
"Rosie" their beloved Golden Lab feels like
she's part of the family's festivities too. Just imagine the future holiday
gatherings around a table like this.
P.O. Box 3
Goshen, Connecticut


Open Talon Ball & Claw Tea Table with Candle Slides
Recently purchased by Dr. Z. D. from Dallas, Texas,
this complete gem of a tea table is made from solid
dense American Black Walnut. The two inch thick
one board top is of very rare Honduran Rosewood.
The amazing flowing color pattern of the Rosewood
blends from a deep gold to a true plum. The top is
carved from the solid, so it has a permanent raised
molding for the edge. This table features Clint's
signature hand carved ball & claw feet that are
synonymous with the best of the best. Notice the
details in the carving of the tenons and graceful curve
of the leg. The traditional candle slides on each side
are embellished with two tiny solid imported English
brass pulls.
Dimensions: 26 1/4"H  x  30" L  x  18 1/2" W
Black Walnut Tea Table
Rather than applying staining or lacquering to his work, Clint painstakingly polishes each
piece to perfection and then employs an 18th century method of boiling Linseed Oil and
natural Beeswax several times to achieve a long-lasting protective finish that reveals the
natural patina of the wood itself.
Clint carving the ball & claw feet