The Open Talon

Welcome !  
        For over 20 years, I've had the privilege of creating
    those special pieces that have an impact on peoples'
    lives, homes, and legacy.  The ones that are treasured
    from one generation to the next. More importantly,
    with that as my focus, I appreciate the opportunity to
    work with those who desire something truly
    memorable in their lives.

        I put my heart into every piece, creating each work
    one at a time as an old shop did 200 years ago.

       These pages contain some of my favorite work and
    a few detail shots I think you may find interesting.

         My shop is a low key environment, so if you'd
    like to see a piece in progress or walk through the
    wood-loft to see where it all begins, just let me know.

~  Clint Thorn   ~